Xindian (River)

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Location North Taiwan
River system Tamsui
Drainage via Tamsui River → Formosa Strait
Source in Shuangxi County
Source Height 700 m
Confluence at Banqiao with the Dahan to the Tamsui RiverCoordinates 25° 2′ 33″ N, 121° 29′ 2″ O
25° 2′ 33″ N, 121° 29′ 2″ O

Length 82 km
Catchment area 921 km²
Major cities New Taipei, Taipei

The Xindian (Chinese .mw-parser-output

新店溪, PinyinXīndiànxī) is a river in the north of the island of Taiwan.


The Xindian River rises in Shuangxi County in the east of the city of New Taipei and runs through the cities of New Taipei and Taipei with a length of 82 km. Its major tributaries are the Beishi, the Nanshi, and the Jingmei. The Xindian flows steadily westward from its source and takes its name from the Xindian district it passes. At Banqiao, the Xindian joins the Dahan to form the Tamsui River.


The Xindian plays an eminently important role in the drinking water supply of major northern Taiwanese cities. According to official figures, 97.5% of the drinking water in the Taipei metropolitan area comes from the Xindian.[1] This service is provided by the Feicui Dam, to which the river is dammed over a length of 510 m at Pinglin. However, as the Xindian is heavily polluted by wastewater from households and industry, the authorities have recently been making greater efforts to improve water quality.[2]

In the Xindian district, the river widens into Bitan Lake, a popular recreational area of Greater Taipei.


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