Wreschen circular railway

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Wreschen circular railway
Track gauge: 600 mm (narrow gauge )

The Wreschener Kreisbahn (Polish: Wrzesinska Kolejka Powiatowa) was a narrow-gauge railway with a gauge of 600 mm in the district of Wreschen in the former Prussian province of Posen.


After in the years 1875 to 1888 the 1886 nationalized line Gnesen-Jarotschin of the former, actively still 1882 occurring,[1] Oels-Gnesen railway and the state railway line Posen-Stralkowo had gone into operation, trains could run in four directions from the district town Wreschen with 7,300 inhabitants. However, part of the district, which stretched in a south-easterly direction towards the Russian border, still remained without a connection to the railway network.

The district of Wreschen endeavoured to build its own small railway, which could be opened on 14 April 1898. The 19.6 kilometre long “trunk line” led from the small railway station Wreschen to the town railway station and further to the border village Borzykowo/Borstein. At the same time from Wreschen in northeastern direction a only seven kilometres long railway to Kleparz, which was already in the neighbouring district Witkowo, was put into operation. Here was connection to the district railway Witkowo. With the extension from Borzykowo village to the customs office, which was opened on July 1, 1905, and two further freight lines, the total network had reached a length of 29.1 kilometres.

In the 1930s, lines with a length of 22 kilometres were added. Of these, the purchase of the Kleparz-Mierzewo line (6.6 km) from the Gniezno District Railway and the new construction of the Borzykowo-Peisern/Pyzdry line, a town on the Warta River, which only became possible after the removal of the former Prussia/Russia border, should be mentioned.

In 1914, the rolling stock consisted of four steam locomotives, four passenger cars, three baggage cars, and 150 freight cars.

During the Second World War, the district railway was temporarily subordinated to the Gaubahnen Wartheland as the “Wreschener Eisenbahn”. In the post-war period, the railway was re-gauged to 750 mm gauge in 1957. The passenger service Wreschen-Peisern ended on 20 February 1979.


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