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Wolfram Cramer von Clausbruch 2018 in the monastery church of Lennep

Wolfram Cramer von Clausbruch (born 7 June 1962 in Wuppertal, Germany)[1] is a German musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer.[2][3]


As a child he received lessons in playing the piano at the age of nine, taught himself, his brother as a role model, but also to play the guitar and dealt with other instruments such as the harmonica. After graduating from high school in Schwelm, he completed an apprenticeship as a retail salesman and his civilian service. Afterwards he passed the examination for admission to the music academy in Wuppertal, where he studied the two instruments he had learned first, guitar and piano.[1] Later he acquired new instruments, especially accordion, bass, harp, ukulele and other stringed instruments, but also cajón, hang and other percussion instruments as well as flute, kazoo and the like.[4]

He performs nationwide in various formations as well as solo and works in Wuppertal as well as Hückeswagen as a guitar and piano teacher.[1] As a musician and composer he was involved in several album productions, among others together with Thomas Kagermann and Urs Fuchs.[3]


All contributors according to Discogs.[3]

  • 1989: Hinter Den Wolken album – with Thomas Kagermann (Hansa Musik Produktion) – composition; keyboards, piano, choir
  • 1998: The heart – with Papalagi (Pepe Music) – keyboards
  • 1999: Nature In Concert / They Came From Atlantis – with Thomas Kagermann, Tom Dams (EMI Electrola) – keyboards
  • 2000: Western Winds On Celtic Shores – with Talking Water (Biber Records / Vollton Musikverlag) – accordion
  • 2000: Running For The Click – with Strinx (2) (HollySound) – accordion
  • 2006: Power Of The Moon – with Talking Water (Westpark Music) – composition; vocals, various instruments

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