Wolfgang Eismann

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Wolfgang Eismann (* 31 October 1942 in Elbing) is a German Slavic scholar.


He studied Slavonic and Germanic studies in Saarbrücken and Sarajevo. After receiving his doctorate in 1968 with a thesis in the field of older South Slavic translation literature and his habilitation in Mannheim in 1979 with a thesis on theories of the language of fine literature in Russia, he has been a professor at the Institute of Slavic Studies in Graz since October 1988 (emeritus since October 2009).

His main research interests are Slavic cultural and intellectual history, especially of Russia and the South Slavic countries, Russian, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian literature, theory of the so-called small forms and Slavic phraseology and parömiology.

Writings (selection)

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