Winfried von Wedel-Parlow

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Winfried Wedigo Max von Wedel-Parlow (born 19 May 1918 in Berlin; † 4 December 1977 in Wiefelstede) was a German local politician.


Winfried von Wedel-Parlow was a son of the district court director Willibald von Wedel-Parlow (* 1875 Schönaich near Sorau; † 1945 Berlin) and Lilly Hübner (1875-1949). The Reichstag deputy Karl von Wedel-Parlow (1873-1936) was his uncle, the journalist Emil von Wedel-Parlow (1833-1896) his grandfather and the Angermünde district administrator Albert Otto von Wedel-Parlow (1793-1866) his great-grandfather.

After graduating from the Lilienthal-Oberschule in Berlin-Lichterfelde, the Reich Labor Service and a short commercial activity, he took part in the Second World War between 1940 and 1945. Between 1942 and 1945 he belonged to the German liaison command with the Royal Romanian II. In November 1942, as a lance corporal, he led 500 men back to a new main battle line, for which he was awarded the Romanian Order of Bravery “Virtute militara”.

From 1946 he was head of the department for youth issues in the regional association of the Liberal Democratic Party of Germany and between 1946 and 1948 he was a member of the city council of Greater Berlin for the LDP. As one of two representatives of the LDP parliamentary group, he supported the application for licensing of the Kampfgruppe gegen Unmenschlichkeit initiated by Rainer Hildebrandt. Since leaving the party in 1949, he has been a librarian, boarding school teacher and tutor, among others in Honneroth, Dierdorf, Rüdenhausen and Tambach. He is the author of numerous unpublished poems.

He had been married to Margarethe von Wedel-Parlow, née Thalmann (1918-1991), since 1957. His wife had run the “old pharmacy” in Wiefelstede since 1964. The couple bequeathed their house in Wiefelstede to the municipality under the condition that a museum of local history would be established there. The local history museum Wiefelstede was opened in 1994.


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