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Community Aletshausen

Coordinates 48° 12′ 5″ N, 10° 25′ 10″ O

Height: 576 m
Incorporation: 1.May 1978
Zip code: 86480
Area code: 08263

Winemaker from the Northwest

Winzer is a village in the municipality of Aletshausen in the Swabian district of Günzburg.


The village lies about two and a half kilometres east of Aletshausen on the eastern edge of the Riedel between the valleys of the Kammel to the west and the Mindel to the east. To the Mindeltal the Riedel falls very steeply. Winzer is situated at the district road GZ 30. Via this road and the federal road 16, which the district road meets north of Aletshausen, the village is connected with the main town of the municipality[1]. South of Winzer lies the source of the Haselbach, which is about 18 kilometers long and flows into the Kammel near Naichen (municipality of Neuburg an der Kammel). The brook flows in an arc westwards around the village. At 583 mabove sea level, Winzer is the second highest village in the district of Günzburg – only the Waltenhauser district of Weiler is higher.

Place name

When the village was first mentioned in documents, it was called “Winzur”, which means approximately ‘to the winegrowers, winegrowers’[2]. The name indicates that during the medieval climatic optimum, wine was cultivated on the steep slopes sloping down to the Mindel valley, which may well have been possible in the climate of the time.


Winzer was first mentioned in a document in 1067. Probably the place belonged at the beginning to the neighbouring dominion Hasberg, which was bought before the year 1316 by the high monastery Augsburg[2]. In 1550 some properties in Winzer went as a fief to the Edelstetten monastery, the rest remained with the Augsburg diocese[3]. This situation remained for a good 250 years, until the place came to Bavaria in the course of secularization.

As a result of the territorial reform, on 1 May 1978 the previously independent municipality, which also included the neighbouring village of Gaismarkt, was incorporated into Aletshausen.[4]

Places of interest

North view of the church

The Catholic parish church of St. Michael is visible from afar, as is the Fuggerschloss Kirchheim, situated opposite on the eastern edge of the Mindel valley. The choir and the tower of the church were built in the middle and at the end of the 15th century respectively, the neo-Romanesque nave in 1860[3]. The predecessor of this nave was built in the 1730s. The nave had to be rebuilt each time because of the danger of landslides. The interior of the church was changed several times. Between 1720 and 1734, the church, which had probably previously been in the Gothic style, was furnished in the Baroque style. In the 19th century this decoration was replaced by a neo-Romanesque one. In the years 1936/37 there was a strong purification, as a result of which the interior of the church today looks rather plain.

In addition to the parish church, the rectory, built in 1730/31 and enlarged 15 years later, is also worth seeing; it was very richly furnished for a relatively small village[3]. There are stucco ceilings in almost all the rooms inside. In the garden with an orchard there is a summer house.


In winter, if there is enough snow, the so-called Haseltalloipe is groomed along the Haselbach to the west of the village. If snow conditions permit, the trail is extended north to the district road GZ 7 (Niederraunau-Mindelzell). Tracks are prepared for skating and classic style. The cross-country district championship takes place on the trail every year.

Compared to the rest of the district of Günzburg, the plateau near Winzer is particularly well suited for the creation of a cross-country ski trail, as the greatest snow depth is often measured there. In the northern, less elevated part of the track, the snow also lasts relatively long, as the track runs in the narrow Hasel valley, which is shaded by forests.

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