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Upper Sorbian Běły Šepc

Der Weiße Schöps bei Daubitz

The White Schöps near Daubitz

Water body code DE: 58248
Location County of Görlitz, Saxony, Germany
River system Elbe
Drainage via Schwarzer Schöps → Spree → Havel → Elbe → North Sea
Source Near Deutsch-Paulsdorf
51° 5′ 31″ N, 14° 50′ 10″ O
Source Height 301.5 mabove sea level
Mouth Into the Black Schöps near ReichwaldeCoordinates 51° 22′ 15″ N, 14° 39′ 52″ O
51° 22′ 15″ N, 14° 39′ 52″ O
Mouth height 125.3 mabove sea level
Height difference 176,2 m

Discharge at gauge Kringelsdorf[1]
AEo: 367 km²
Location: 200 m above the estuary
NNQ (09.12.2006)
MNQ 1985/2005
MQ 1985/2005
Mq 1985/2005
HHQ (02.01.1987)
1.49 m³/s
3.04 m³/s
5.06 m³/s
13.8 l/(skm²)
22.1 m³/s

82.4 m³/s
Right tributaries Black ditch, Raklitza
Medium-sized towns Goerlitz
Communities Markersdorf, Schöpstal, Kodersdorf, Horka, Hähnichen, Rietschen, Boxberg/O.L.

The White Schöps, Upper Sorbian Běły Šepc, is an eastern tributary of the Black Schöps in the Görlitz district of Saxony, Germany. It is part of the Elbe river system, reaching the Spree and Havel rivers via the Black Schöps.


The river rises in the north of the Great Nun Forest, which extends about 15 km west-southwest of Görlitz. Its source lies south-southwest of Deutsch-Paulsdorf between Reichenbach/O.L. in the north and Bernstadt auf dem Eigen in the south. A few kilometres to the west the Schwarze Schöps rises. From its source, the White Schöps runs in a predominantly northwesterly direction between the Lusatian Neisse in the east and the Spree in the west.

New riverbed of the White Schöps between Neuliebel and Reichwalde

Initially a small meadow stream, the Weiße Schöps flows in a northeasterly direction towards Görlitz. It passes the city to the west and flows through the municipality of Schöpstal, whose namesake it is. The river then runs in a northerly direction through the municipalities of Kodersdorf, Horka and Hähnichen before gradually turning west. From the Geheeger “water parts” flows the Schwarzgraben as a right tributary.

Arriving in Rietschen, it takes in the Raklitza. Afterwards, the White Schöps flows completely canalised along the northern edge of the Reichwalde open-cast mine, whose purified mine water it receives, in a westerly direction into the municipality of Boxberg/O.L. and flows between the districts of Kringelsdorf and Boxberg into the Black Schöps, which flows in from the south-east. Before the relocation of its riverbed for the benefit of open-cast mining, which took place in three construction phases between 1977 and 1991, the mouth was located between Reichwalde and Kringelsdorf.

Relocation of the river bed

To allow for the northeastern continuation of the Reichwalde open pit mine, the riverbed was relocated again between 2011 and 2014.[2][3] From Rietschen, the White Schöps runs via Werda, Neuliebel, Hammerstadt and Altliebel (Nappatsch) south past the open pit, with part of the river course being restored to its natural state. After completion of the relocation, the mouth into the Black Schöps took place slightly south of the original mouth before Reichwalde.

Aerial panorama of the Weißer Schöps in Rietschen between Altliebel (left) and Neuliebel (right)

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