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Water tower Wöllstein; west view

The water tower Wöllstein is a water and observation tower and one of the landmarks of the Rhineland-Hessian municipality of Wöllstein in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Alzey-Worms.

Geographical position

The water tower is clearly visible from afar on the southwestern outskirts of Wöllstein on the eastern spur of the 214.3 mabove sea levelHöllberg[1] high Höllberg, which rises as part of the Wöllsteiner Hügelland south of the Appelbach, which flows through Wöllstein from southwest to northeast. The tower stands at a height of about 171 m between the vineyards surrounding it on three sides near the historical “Oligpfad”, an old path that led from Siefersheim to the old Wöllstein oil mill.[2] The vineyards to the southeast of the water tower in both Wöllstein and Siefersheim (old field names) are named “Am Oligpfad” after this path.[1]


The Wöllstein water tower, now a listed building, was built in 1906 of quarry stone in a historicist design and served as the Wöllstein waterworks until it was decommissioned in 1977.[3] The water tank, which is unused today, is located on the slightly higher south side of the tower under an artificially created mound of earth and can be reached from the interior of the tower through a metal door. In the past, a water pipe led from here to a sandstone basin set into the outer wall of the northern staircase porch, from where drinking water could be drawn. The gargoyle on the back wall of the basin no longer exists today. The function of the water tower as a lookout tower has been preserved until today, the key to the tower can be borrowed from the municipal council.


Staircase at the water tower

The water tower is a structure built on a square ground plan with an edge length of 7 metres. Up to half the height of the tower, the tower tapers slightly, and then becomes slightly wider again in the upper part. At the platform the edge length is 6.75 meters. In total, the water tower reaches a height of about 20 meters to the top of the roof.[4]

On the north side of the tower, due to the lower terrain, a covered two-flight flight of steps has been added, which leads to the entrance at the tower. Both the openings in the staircase porch and the metal lattice door on the tower are round arches. Above the opening on the valley side of the porch was the inscription “Wasserwerk Wöllstein” (Wöllstein Waterworks), of which, however, several of the metal letters are missing today.

Inside the tower, a metal staircase leads along the walls over 34 steps and two landings to an L-shaped intermediate landing about 6 m above the entrance level. Here, on three sides of the tower, there are latticed window openings, also in the form of round arches. A further 42 steps and three landings finally lead to the exit to the surrounding viewing platform, which lies at a height of about 13.5 m and offers a very good view of the surroundings from all sides. The stone parapets, set between the corner piers, project slightly above the tower shaft and are pierced with seven gaps each.[4]

The roof is designed as a mansard hipped roof and covered in the upper part with red plain tiles.

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Coordinates 49° 48′ 21.2″ N, 7° 57′ 0.8″ E