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An English waltz track

The Walzerbahn or Waltz Ride is a classic ride no longer built in Germany, a variant of the Berg- und Talbahn. The gondolas, eccentrically mounted on outriggers of a multi-section turntable, for two or up to four people, rotate around their own axis while moving over various elevations.[1]

Most layouts of this type are built from a combination of wood and steel.[1] The few waltzer rides still traveling in Germany were mostly built in the 1970s. Especially the German manufacturers Mack Rides from Waldkirch and the company Zierer built the waltzer rides. It is even rarer to find these rides in German amusement parks. Next to the adventure park Tripsdrill, the Panorama Park operated such a ride until 2007.

In America, waltzer rides are very common and are usually found at Carnivals, the American fairs. In England, too, there are about 150 waltzer rides on the road and they are also often found on the amusement piers of seaside resorts. In English they are called waltzers.

The following waltz tours are currently travelling in Germany:

  • Holiday Star (Exner)
  • Rendezvous (Hermesmeyer)
  • Viva Mexico (Nülken)
  • Waltz ride (Wollenschläger)
  • Waltz Ride (Nightingale)[1]
  • Waltz ride (Nülken-Vorlop)
  • Waltz Ride (Schuster & Son)[1]
  • Waltz ride (Walz)[1]
  • Cube track (F. Hildebrandt)[1]

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