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Waléra Kanishcheff(Russian Валера Канищев; born 12 November 1965 in Lviv[1]) is a Ukrainian actor and voice actor.


Waléra Kanishcheff (Putiloff) began his cinema career as a 13-year-old in the USSR at the Ukrainian studio Oleksandr Dovchenko and the Belarusian studio Belarusfilm. Kanishcheff has been cast internationally in numerous television and cinema productions, most recently, for example, in the television historical drama Die Gustloff by Joseph Vilsmaier, in the Swiss film Einspruch II by Rolando Colla (nominated for the Swiss Film Award), in Maximilian Erlenwein’s multi-award-winning film Schwerkraft, in the German arthouse film Snowman’s Land, in Invasion, in the vampire drama Wir sind die Nacht and in the comedies Polish Easter and Mann tut was Mann kann.

In 2011 he played the role of Vladimir the Viking in Miguel Alexandre’s The Man with the Bassoon, and in 2013 he appeared in the miniseries Das Adlon. Eine Familiensaga by Uli Edel as a Russian officer. In 2016, Kanishcheff was in front of the camera for the novel adaptation Fucking Berlin directed by Florian Gottschick. In 2017, he played the role of Mikhail Fallin in Babylon Berlin, an adaptation based on the crime novels by Volker Kutscher. He is also active as a voice actor, for example voicing Boss Bear in the animated film Sing and Colossus in the comic book adaptation Deadpool .

Kanischtscheff lives in Berlin-Kreuzberg and is the father of the two actresses Antonia and JoJo Putiloff (civil name Kanischtscheff).

Filmography (selection)


  • 1994: A French woman
  • 1994: Buenos Tardes Amigo
  • 1995: The Caucasian Night
  • 2000: Svetlana (Светлана)
  • 2001: Rolando Colla Objection II
  • 2004: The Last Witness – Sandbox Love
  • 2004: SOKO Leipzig – The contract killing
  • 2005-2006: Coast Guard (TV series, 2 episodes)
  • 2006: Doppelter Einsatz (television series, one episode)
  • 2006: Golden times
  • 2006: Notruf Hafenkante (TV series, one episode)
  • 2008: The Gustloff (television film)
  • 2008: Transsiberian
  • 2009: Gravity
  • 2010: Snowman’s Land
  • 2010: Anna und die Liebe (TV series, two episodes)
  • 2010: We are the night
  • 2011: The Man with the Bassoon (TV movie)
  • 2011: Polish Easter
  • 2012: Man does what man can
  • 2012: Invasion
  • 2013: heute-show ZDF
  • 2013: The Adlon. A Family Saga (Miniseries)
  • 2013: George (TV movie)
  • 2013: Welcome to Habib
  • 2015: Großstadtrevier (TV series, one episode)
  • 2016: Fucking Berlin
  • 2017: The Boss (TV series, one episode)
  • 2017: Der Kriminalist (TV series, one episode)
  • 2017: Babylon Berlin (TV series, 9 episodes)
  • 2019: The Bull and the Beast Sat.1
  • 2020: Unterleuten – The Torn Village

Voice actor

  • 1998: For Mark Mooney in Jack, Queen, King, Gras as Sergei
  • 2004: For Vahe Bejan in My wife, her in-laws and me as Gunther – Immigrant Man
  • 2004: For Vitali Makarov in The Day After Tomorrow as Yuri, Russian Astronaut
  • 2004: For Valeriy Nikolaev in Terminal as Milodragovich
  • 2005: For Pasha D. Lychnikoff in Deadwood as Blazanov (2nd voice)
  • 2006: For Oleg Kasian in A Fatal Decision as Anton Doudalev
  • 2007: For Aleksandar Mikic in Deadly Promises – Eastern Promises as Soyka
  • 2007: For Alex Veadov in Heroes of the Night – We Own the Night as Vadim Nezhinski
  • 2008: For Oleg Taktarov in Kurzer Prozess – Righteous Kill as Yevgeny Mugalat
  • 2008: For Steve Hely in American Dad as Sergei Kruglov
  • 2009: For Graham McTavish in Middle Men as Ivan Sokoloff
  • 2009: For Vitaly Kravchenko in The Cabinet of Doctor Parnassus as Piotr
  • 2010: For Oleg Taktarov in Predators as Nikolai
  • 2010: For Gideon Emery in Takers – The Final Job as Sergei
  • 2010: For Grigori Manoukov in Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky as Sergei Djagilew
  • 2011: For Andrew Howard in Without Limit as Gennady
  • 2011: For Ravil Isyanov in Transformers 3 as Voskhod
  • 2011: For Tony Curran in Big Mama’s House – The Double Portion as Chirkoff
  • 2011: For Mark Ivanir in Johnny English – Now more than ever! as Karlenko
  • 2011: For Konstantin Chabenski in Queen, King, Ace, Spy as Polyakov
  • 2012: For Dimitri Diatchenko in Chernobyl Diaries as Uri
  • 2013: For Leonid Citer in House of Cards as Igor Milkin
  • 2013: For Radoslaw Kaim in Mankell’s Wallander as Zids
  • 2013: For Lev Gorn in Bored to Death as Dimitri
  • 2014: For Misha Kuznetsov in Codename U.N.C.L.E. as Oleg
  • 2014: For Christopher Rozycki in Downton Abbey as Count Nikolai Rostov
  • 2014: For Ivan Senine in Gomorrah as Vassily
  • 2014: For Yorgo Constantine in Madam Secretary as Russian Foreign Minister Anton Gorev
  • 2015: For Sam Spruell in 96 Hours – Taken 3 as Oleg Malankov
  • 2015: For Rob de Groot in Mortdecai – The Part-Time Crook as Vladimir
  • 2015: For Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson in Everest as Anatoly Boukreev
  • 2016: For Misha Kuznetsov in Limitless as Nikolai Zukov
  • 2016: For Endre Hules in Castle as Pavel Oborin
  • 2016: For Pasha D. Lychnikoff in Shameless as Mr. Milkovich
  • 2016: For Andre Tricoteux in Legends of Tomorrow as Boris
  • 2016: For Stefan Kapičić in Deadpool as Colossus
  • 2016: Sing as Boss Bear
  • 2017: For Andrey Ivchenko in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage as Red Erik
  • 2017: For Sergey Nagorny in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders as Ivan Kozar
  • 2017-2018: For Alexander Sokovikov in The Americans as Alexei Morozov
  • 2017: For Lev Gorn in Blue Bloods – Crime Scene New York as Det. Arkady Levin
  • 2017: For Ravil Isyanov in GLOW as Gregory
  • 2017: For Richard Brake in Peaky Blinders – Gangs of Birmingham as Anton Kaledin
  • 2017-2018: starring for Zach McGowan in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Anton Ivanov
  • 2018: For Marvin Kaye in Shape of Water – The Whisper of Water as Burly Russian
  • 2018: For Andrzej Blumenfeld in Mute as Akim
  • 2018: For Misha Kuznetsov in Madam Secretary as President Nuri Lakoba
  • 2018: For Chris Ashworth in Elementary as Doron
  • 2018: For JB Blanc in Navy CIS: L.A. as Anzor Daudov
  • 2018: For Lev Gorn in Billions as Max
  • 2018: For David Meunier in Hawaii Five-0 as Nikolai Malkin
  • 2018: For Rob Locke in Navy CIS as Viktor Lopuchin
  • 2018: For Roman Roytberg in Taken – Time is Your Enemy as Vlad Korchenko
  • 2018: For Goran Kostic in Ant-Man and the Wasp as Anitolov
  • 2018: For Stefan Kapičić in Deadpool 2 as Colossus
  • 2018: For Oleg Kupchik in Dans la cour as Lev
  • 2019: For Martin David in Whiskey Cavalier as Dimitri
  • 2019: For Gwendoline Christie in Welcome to Marwen as Anna
  • 2019: For Nebojsa Dimitrijevic in Hassel as Bosko
  • 2019: For David Ross in Orange Is the New Black as Ganya
  • 2019: For Gregory Korostishevsky in Can You Ever Forgive Me? as Andre
  • 2019: For Duta Skhirtladze in Iron Sky: The Coming Race as Vril Stalin
  • 2020: For Galen Howard in Henry Danger as Dormo
  • 2020: For Alan O’Silva in Batwoman as a Russian hack

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Individual references

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