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Viktor Mach (in Australia Victor Mach; born 10 December 1932; † 23 March 2004) was an Austrian football player.

The defender played from the 1950/51 season for the first division club SK Admira Vienna. For the season 1952/53 he changed to the second division club Wiener AC with whom he was promoted in 1953, but immediately relegated again. In 1956 the promotion succeeded again. In July 1958 he took part as a guest player in the Africa trip of Austria Wien, which led him after a preparatory match in Hungary against Haladás Szombathely to the Ivory Coast and today’s Ghana. In 1959, WAC finished fifth in the league and won the ÖFB Cup by defeating Rapid 2-0 in front of 10,000 spectators at the Praterstadion. In 1960, the WAC improved to third place.

At the end of October 1961, the 27-year-old Mach joined the Hakoah Club in the Australian metropolis of Sydney, which played a leading role in the New South Wales league. In the absence of a national league, this was the highest level of performance. Alongside other Austrians who had migrated to Australia, such as Karl Jarosch, goalkeeper Heinz Wenzl and Peter Hrncir, he won the 1961 state championship with the club by beating Canterbury-Marrickville 4-1, where the fledgling 1974 Australian World Cup participant Johnny Warren played. In 1962 they repeated the feat by beating Budapest Club 4-2 in front of 26,800 spectators, an Australian record for club matches. Austrian Herbert Ninaus scored three goals and also hit the woodwork three times. Fellow countryman Adolf Blutsch scored Hakoah’s second goal. Goalkeeper Wenzl, Karl Jarosch Adolf Handorf and Heinz Dolezal extended the contingent of Austrians in the Hakoah line-up to seven players. Herbert Stegbauer, another Austrian, played on the Budapest side. In October 1963, Mach was kicked out of the team for incidents prior to a cup match against Canterbury-Marrickville.

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