Verisk Analytics

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Verisk Analytics, Inc.

Legal form Inc.
ISIN US92345Y1064
Foundation 1971
Seat Jersey City, New Jersey, United StatesVereinigte Staaten United States
Management Scott G. Stephenson (Chairman, President and CEO)[1]
Number of employees 7951
Sales 2.4 billion US dollars[2]
Industry Data and risk analysis
Status: 31 December 2018

Corporate headquarters in Jersey City

Verisk Analytics is a US data analytics company based in Jersey City.

The roots of the company lie in the Insurance Services Office Inc. (ISO), a former non-profit organization founded in 1971 by an association of insurers, which served to prepare statistical data for actuarial analysis and to develop analytics software for the insurance industry. For the company’s IPO in 2009, a new company, Verisk Analytics, was formed as a holding company for operations.[2] Berkshire Hathaway was the only company that did not sell shares in the IPO.[3] Since 2000, several companies in the industry have been acquired, including “AIR Worldwide”. AIR Worldwide develops models for estimating the consequences of natural disasters. The Verisk subsidiary “AER” examines risks in connection with weather and climate developments. In addition to insurance companies, AER’s customers include NASA, the United States Armed Forces and NOAA.[4]

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