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Vanilla crescent

Vanillekipferl are a traditional German-Austrian-Bohemian Christmas biscuit in the shape of a croissant. In addition, Vanillekipferl also belong to the tea biscuits.[1]

They are made from a shortcrust pastry of flour, butter, sugar and grated almonds, often toasted almonds – but also walnuts, peanuts or hazelnuts depending on the region. It is easier to shape the croissants by adding egg yolk to the dough, but the result is less crumbly and tender. The dough is formed into spindles about the length of a finger, bent into croissants, baked and then either turned while still warm with the pulp of vanilla beans flavoured icing sugar or sugar (note: this can make vanilla croissants very sticky). Alternatively, allow the vanilla crescents to cool completely and then roll them in vanilla-flavoured icing sugar

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  • Kipferl
  • Kourabiedes, a similar Christmas cake from Greece.

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