University of Applied Sciences for Administration and Service

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University of Applied Sciences for Administration and Service
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Location Altenholz, Reinfeld (Holstein)
State Schleswig-Holstein
Country Germany
President Jens T. Kowalski
Students circa 1400 (WS 2017/18)[1]
Employees 74 (2018)[2]
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The University of Applied Sciences for Administration and Service (FHVD) is a university in Altenholz and Reinfeld (Holstein) in Schleswig-Holstein.

Through application-oriented teaching, it is intended to impart an education that enables students to apply scientific methods and knowledge in the performance of their official duties in a free democratic constitutional state and prepares them for their responsibilities in society.

Graduates of a course of study at a university of applied sciences are awarded the Diplom degree (e.g. Dipl.-Finanzwirt/-in) or the Bachelor degree (B.A. or LL.B.) as a university degree.


In August 1975, it began teaching with three and a half full-time teachers and 125 students. Prior to this, the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament had decided by law of 7 October 1974 to establish a training centre for administration as a public corporation. Its task was to train employees of the public administration in Schleswig-Holstein and to promote their further education.

In order to fulfil its tasks, the Training Centre for Administration (AZV) established the university as an educational institution within the administration. With the establishment of the university, Schleswig-Holstein was one of the first federal states to comply with the recommendation of the Conference of Ministers of the Interior to introduce a university of applied sciences education for the higher civil service in 1970.
In the early years, the number of students averaged between 100 and 300, rising from 1978 to just under 800 in 1984.

As of August 1, 1996, the university had the highest number of students in its history with just under 1300. Currently (2016/2017), about 1000 students are pursuing their studies at this educational institution.

Today, the university has almost 40 full-time teaching staff and well over a hundred part-time lecturers from science, business and administrative practice.

Students can use the two academic libraries at the Altenholz and Reinfeld locations.
There are 18,000 media units and 150 current periodicals available.

Since the winter semester 2007/08, the Security Management course was offered at FHVD in the Police Department. However, the course is no longer offered. The contact course Security Management, which follows the BA course, is currently no longer offered.

In the Department of Pension Insurance, the 2010 graduating class will be the last class to graduate with a diploma. The graduating class of 2011 will be the first class to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts – Social Security Management (Pension Insurance Emphasis). In 2013, the Bachelor of Laws – Social Security Management (Pension Insurance Emphasis) degree program was introduced. In addition, the department offers the specialist course in pension consultancy.

In the Department of General Administration, the diploma was last awarded in 2011. As of 2012, students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree.


FHVD offers four undergraduate degree programs at its two campuses:

  • General Administration / Public Administration (B.A.)
  • Police Civil Service (B.A.) with three specialisations
    • CID
    • Protective police
    • Water Police
  • Social Security Management / Focus on Pension Insurance (LL.B.)
  • Tax administration (Dipl. Finanzwirt/-in)

In the Department of Police, the Master’s degree course “Public Administration – Police Management” is offered in conjunction with other universities and is carried out on a temporary basis.
No other consecutive courses of study are offered.


The college consists of the departments:

  • Tax Administration (Campus Altenholz)
  • General Administration (Campus Altenholz)
  • Police (Campus Altenholz)
  • Pension insurance (Initially incorporated in Altenholz, but since 1996 outsourced to the newly established Reinfeld (Holstein) education centre (Reinfeld campus))

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