UN Security Council Resolution 5

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UN Security Council
Resolution 5
Date: 8. May 1946
Session: 40
Identifier: S/RES/5

Voting: Pro: 10 Abst.: 1 Contra:0
Subject: The Iranian question
Results: Accepted

Composition of the Security Council 1946:
Permanent members:

China Republic 1928Republik China (1912–1949) CHN FranceFrankreich FRA United KingdomVereinigtes Königreich GBR Soviet Union 1923Sowjetunion SUN United States 48Vereinigte Staaten USA

Non-permanent members:
AustraliaAustralien AUS Brazil 1889Brasilien BRA Egypt 1922Ägypten EGY
Mexico 1934Mexiko MEX NetherlandsNiederlande NLD PolandPolen POL

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Flag of Iran from 1925 to 1964

UN Security Council Resolution 5 is a resolution adopted by the United Nations Security Council on May 8, 1946, at its 40th session, with ten votes in favor and one abstention (the Soviet Union). It deals with the situation in Iran.


The Security Council took note of a report by the Iranian Government dated 6 May 1946, introduced as a result of Resolution 3 of 4 April 1946, according to which it could not be established whether the complete withdrawal of Soviet troops from the territory of Iran had been completed.

The Security Council postponed future steps on the Iranian issue to enable the Iranian government to verify the complete withdrawal of troops.

A report on the subject was expected from the Iranian Government at the earliest possible date. If this was not possible, a report was to be submitted on 20 May with the information available by then.

The Security Council planned to discuss further steps immediately after receiving the report.

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