Trüby Trio

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Trüby Trio
General information
Genre(s) House, Drum and Bass, Afrobeat, Latin
Foundation 1997
Current cast
Rainer Trüby
Roland Appel
Christian Prommer

The Trüby Tr io (also Rainer Trüby Trio) is a German music project in the field of electronic dance music.


The group’s frontman, Rainer Trüby from Freiburg im Breisgau, began producing electronic dance music with jazz and Afro influences in the early 1990s. In 1997 he founded the Trüby Trio with Roland Appel and Christian Prommer. After several club hits in the 1990s (including Alegre , Prima Vera) and a DJ-Kicks compilation with several of their own tracks, it wasn’t until 2003 that the project released their debut album, Elevator Music, which included their older tracks as well as new productions. The album managed to enter the Top 20 of the German Media Control Charts.


The project musically processes a wide variety of influences, including jazz, Latin, house, drum and bass and Afrobeat, and brings them into a context with dance music. The music is consistently danceable and characterized by complex rhythms, but some pieces are real songs with a lot of soul and disco music influence.

Discography (Albums)

  • 2001: DJ-Kicks – Rainer Trüby (Compilation)
  • 2003: Elevator Music
  • 2004: Retreated

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