Tower hill Rothenberg

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Tower hill Rothenberg
Time of origin: High Medieval
Castle type: Hilltop castle, motte
Conservation Status: Castle stable, tower mound
Location: Böhmfeld-“Rothenberg
Geographical Location: 48° 52′ 1.9″ N, 11° 24′ 10.9″ ECoordinates 48° 52′ 1.9″ N, 11° 24′ 10.9″O
Height: 470 mabovesea level
Turmhügel Rothenberg (Bayern)
Turmhügel Rothenberg

The tower hill Rothenberg is a departed high medieval castle of the type of a tower hill castle (motte) on the 470 mabove sea level high “ Rothenberg” about 2800 meters east-northeast of Böhmfeld in the district of Eichstätt in Bavaria.

The tower mound is still preserved from the former moth complex.


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