Toni, male, midwife – scapegoat

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Episode of the series Toni, male, midwife
Original title Scapegoat
Country of production Germany
Original language German
Bavaria Fiction
Length 89 minutes
Classification Episode 3 (List)
German language
First broadcast
17. April 2020 on Das Erste
Directed by Sibylle Tafel
Script Sebastian Stojetz,
Sibylle Tafel
Production Christina Christ
Music Marco Master
Camera Florian Schilling
Editing Melania Singer
  • Leo Reisinger: Toni Hasler
  • Wolke Hegenbarth: Luise Fuchs
  • Sophia Schober: Fanny Brandstetter
  • Sebastian Fritz: Nico Tschauner
  • Frederic Linkemann: Franzl
  • Kathrin von Steinburg: Hanna Aschenbrenner
  • Juliane Köhler: Dr. Evi Höllriegl
  • Stefanie von Poser: Karen
  • Sarah-Lavinia Schmidbauer: Commissioner Hallmoser
  • Eisi Gulp: Balu
  • Soogi Kang: Ja-Mai
  • Maria Monsorno: Josie
  • Fabian Axer Avila: Ferdi
  • Oliver Bürgin: Dr. Schellinger
  • Monika Manz: Christl
  • Doris Buchrucker: Mrs. Ertl
  • Matthias Ransberger: Policeman
  • Corinna Binzer: Heidi Brandstetter
  • Heinz-Josef Braun: Hans Brandstetter
  • Sebastian Winkler: Achim

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Toni, male, midwife – A round thing

Sündenbock is a 2020 German television film directed by Sibylle Tafel. It is the third episode of the ARD series Toni, männlich, Hebamme starring Leo Reisinger as Munich midwife Toni. The German premiere took place on 17 April 2020 on the ARD channel Endlich Freitag in the German public broadcaster Ersten.


As no doctor is on hand, midwife Toni Hasler gives birth to the child of Fanny Brandstetter and Nico Tschauner. This intervention does not remain without consequences for long, because a few days later the newborn is found to have two broken ribs, which leads to a police investigation. Inspector Hallmoser is the investigator in charge of finding out why Toni really gave birth herself and whether he is to blame for the child’s injury. Toni turns to his ex-wife Hanna, who is a high-profile lawyer. She agrees to help her ex-husband, but she will also consider him as the perpetrator.


Sündenbock was filmed in Munich and the surrounding area from 24 June 2019 to 23 August 2019. The film was produced by Bavaria Fiction.[1]


The critics of the TV magazine TV Spielfilm pointed with their thumbs to the side and awarded two points out of a possible three for humor and one for suspense. They summed up: “Comfortable light fare for in between”.[2]

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