Tofe Tolu Deep Sea Mountain

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Tofe Tolu Deep Sea Mountain
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Height 1395 m below sea level
Location between the atolls of Maiana and Abemama in the Pacific Ocean
Coordinates 0° 44′ 5″ N, 173° 14′ 31″ OCoordinates 0° 44′ 5″ N, 173° 14′ 31″O
Tofe-Tolu-Tiefseeberg (Kiribati)
Type Deep Sea Mountain


The Tofe Tol u seamount(English Tofe Tolu Seamount) is a deep-sea mountain in the western Pacific Ocean on the deep-sea ridge of the Gilbert Islands about 25 km southeast of Maiana Atoll. To the southeast, Abemama is the nearest atoll.
Its summit lies at a depth of 1395 m.[1]
Another deep-sea mountain peak nearby is Mauga-Umi deep-sea mountain, about 30 km to the south.

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