Titular Bishopric of Scala

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Scala is a titular bishopric of the Roman Catholic Church.

It is named after the bishopric of Scala, which existed from 987 to 1603, near the small town of Amalfi in the province of Salerno and in the Campania region.

Titular Bishops of Scala
No. Name Office from by
1 Joseph Alphonse McNicholas Auxiliary Bishop in Saint Louis (USA) 31. January 1969 22. July 1975
2 João Alves Coadjutor Bishop in Coimbra (Portugal) 5. September 1975 8. September 1976
3 Marion Francis Forst Auxiliary Bishop in Kansas City (USA) 16. October 1976 23. December 1986
4 George Pell Auxiliary Bishop in Melbourne (Australia) 30. March 1987 16. July 1996
5 Edward Joseph Adams
titular archbishop pro hac vice

Apostolic Nuncio 24. August 1996

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