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Tish Hinojosa

Leticia “Tish” Hinojosa (born December 6, 1955 in San Antonio, USA) is an American singer and songwriter. She sings in English and Spanish in a mixture of folk, country (bluegrass, Tex-Mex), pop and Latin pop musical styles.

Biography and artistic work

Tish Hinojosa was born in Texas as the thirteenth and youngest child of Mexican immigrants. In her youth she was influenced by the traditional Mexican songs of her parents and the pop and folk music from the radio program of the 60s. She began playing guitar and singing as a teenager and soon made her first public appearances in her Texas neighborhood.

In 1979 she moved to Taos, New Mexico and later to Nashville, Tennessee, where she devoted more time to pure country music. She began to work with musicians like Michael Martin Murphey or Bill & Bonnie Hearne, who encouraged her to write her own songs.

In 1987, their first release appeared under the name Taos to Tennessee. Their 1992 album Culture Swing was named Indie Folk Album of the Year by the National Association of Independent Record Distributors (NAIRD). Tish Hinojosa is also honored to have been invited to the White House by U.S. President Bill Clinton and his wife for a concert. In her long career, Tish Hinojosa has worked with many well-known musicians, including Joan Baez, Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, Nanci Griffith, Pete Seeger, Flaco Jiménez and Los Lobos.

Tish Hinojosa is involved in the humanitarian field as a speaker for organizations such as National Latino Children’s Agenda or National Assoc. Of Bilingual Education or for the United Farm workers of America. She has two children from a previous marriage. She lives in Austin, Texas.


  • 2019: My Homeland
  • 2018: West
  • 2013: After The Fair
  • 2008: Our Little Planet
  • 2006: Retrospective
  • 2005: A Heart Wide Open
  • 2003: From Texas for a Christmas Night
  • 2003: Best of Tish Hinojosa – Live
  • 2000: Sign of Truth
  • 1997: The Best of the Sandia: Watermelon 1991-1992
  • 1996: Soñar del Laberinto
  • 1996: Dreaming From The Labyrinth/Soñar del Laberinto
  • 1996: Cada Niño/Every Child 1996
  • 1995: Frontejas
  • 1994: Destiny’s Gate
  • 1992: Culture Swing
  • 1992: Taos to Tennessee (reissue on CD)
  • 1991: Memorabilia Navideña (new edition on CD)
  • 1991: Aquella Noche
  • 1991: Memorabilia Navideña (music cassette)
  • 1989: Homeland
  • 1987: Taos to Tennessee (music cassette)

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