Thomas Carew (Politiker, um 1527)

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Thomas Carew (b. 1526 or 1527; † 12 February 1564) was an English politician, twice elected as a Member of Parliament for the House of Commons

Origin and education

Thomas Carew was descended from the Carew family, who had acquired Antony in Cornwall in the late 15th century. He was the eldest son of Sir Wymond Carew and his wife Martha Denny. On the advice of his uncle Anthony Denny, Carew studied at St John’s College, Cambridge, from September 1548. As early as August 1549 his father died, whereupon Carew abandoned his studies and, with dispensation, studied law at the Inner Temple in London from 10 February 1550. He then returned to Cornwall and took over the administration of his inheritance, which, in addition to Antony, included lands near Crediton in Devon and the manor of Hackney in Middlesex.

Job as a politician

After 5 September 1554, Carew married Elizabeth Edgecombe, a daughter of Richard Edgecombe. Through the influence of his father-in-law, who was steward of Plymouth, Carew was elected MP for Plymouth at the 1555 House of Commons election. In the House of Commons he was not, like John Young, the second MP for Plymouth, a member of the opposition under Sir Anthony Kingston to the government. He apparently did not stand in the House of Commons election of 1558, but early in 1563 he was elected as MP for the Borough of Saltash, not far from Antony. Apparently, however, he did not attend the sittings of Parliament, which lasted from January to April 1563.

Carew’s father had left considerable debts to the Crown. Probably for this reason Carew sold Hackney again and most of the lands his father had acquired outside Devon and Cornwall. In exchange he acquired from Sir Walter Mildmay the manor of Sheviock, situated near Antony. From 1558 he served as bailiff of the Duchy of Cornwall for Fordington in Dorset.

Family and descendants

From his marriage to Elizabeth Edgecombe, Carew had three sons and a daughter, including:

  • Richard
  • George

After his untimely death, his widow and her brother Peter Edgcumbe took guardianship of his minor heir Richard.

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