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Theodor Schmid (born 6 December 1859 in Erlau, Hungary; † 30 October 1937 in Vienna) was an Austrian mathematician.


Schmid was the son of an officer, attended the Realschule in Linz and studied mathematics and physics at the Technische Hochschule in Vienna (with Josef Kolbe and Viktor Pierre, among others) and at the University of Vienna. In 1882 he passed the teacher’s examination in mathematics (and in 1886 in physics) and in 1882 he was a probationer and in 1884/85 a supplent at the Realschule in Linz. In 1892 he became professor at the Realschule in Steyr and in 1899 at the Schottenfelder Realschule in Vienna, but in the same year he became Supplent at the second chair of descriptive geometry at the TH Vienna, where he became associate professor in 1900 and full professor in 1906. The first chair was held by Emil Müller. In 1915/16 he was dean, was elected rector in 1918 (which he declined for health reasons) and retired in 1929.

He wrote textbooks for descriptive geometry especially for mechanical engineers. He introduced the principle of rotational alignment.

In 1918 he became a member of the Leopoldina[1]. In 1921 he became a court councillor and in 1928 a corresponding member of the Vienna Academy of Sciences.


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