The Cook – It’s executed!

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German title The Cook – It’s executed!
Original title The Cook
Country of production United States
Original language English, Hungarian
Year of publication 2008
Length 85 minutes
Directed by Gregg Simon
Script Nicholas Bonomo
Francisco Rodriguez
Dirk Van Fleet
Production Emily Bonomo
Dirk Van Fleet
Camera Brian Crane
Edited by Nicholas Bonomo
Dirk Van Fleet
  • Mark Hengst: The Cook
  • Makinna Ridgway: Amy
  • Kit Paquin: Bunny
  • Penny Drake: Anastasia
  • Nina Fehren: Brooke
  • Noelle Kenney: Autumn
  • Brooke Lenzi: Kristen
  • Justine Marino: Pam
  • Stefanie Solano: Michelle
  • Allen Yates: Lance
  • Jackson Sowell: Jimmy

The Cook – It’s Executed!, also Cannibal vs. Bitches or Cannibal vs. Pussies(The Cook), is a 2008 American horror comedy film directed by Gregg Simon.


The young students Amy, Bunny, Anastasia, Brooke, Autumn, Kirsten, Pam, and Michelle are looking forward to a quiet long weekend in their dorm. Except for the new Hungarian cook who is supposed to take care of the few girls, none of the staff is around. Striving Amy is the first to meet the handsome young man who can’t speak much English yet.

The other, much more pleasure-seeking girls, start to get bored and consider inviting some guys over. But when Michelle meets the handsome chef, she first makes explicit advances to him. But instead of being sexually aroused by this, he slits her throat. Afterwards he prepares a delicious dinner for the other girls.

The next morning, the cook surprises them again with a sumptuous breakfast that they think is salted beef but can’t quite define. Their fellow student Lance appears because he has arranged to meet Bunny. He, too, tastes the food, but thinks it’s more chicken.

Kirsten and Anastasia are missing for dinner, but the two are only having fun with each other at the moment. The disappearance of Michele worries the girls more. When Brooke goes to the kitchen and accidentally finds Michele’s necklace there, she becomes suspicious. After the cook notices the student, he pounces on her and silences her. However, this turns out to be bloodier than he expected and now he is frantically trying to remove the traces of what he did before anyone notices.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Kirsten and Anastasia are having fun together, while the rest of the girls join Bunny and Lance for a little partying. When Anastasia goes to the kitchen to look for chocolate sauce, she discovers a conspicuously large piece of meat under a bloody cloth. When she goes under it to see if it would be a moose, the cook first cuts off her hand with a cleaver and then kills her. Kirsten, who waits tied up in the room after the interrupted lovemaking with Anastasia, is now sought out by the cook and killed.

Pam, who lives in a room with Autumn, lets herself into a bath for the night. When she wants to make herself comfortable, the cook appears, kills her and takes her to his kitchen. In doing so, he is interrupted by Lance, who he then breaks his neck in a duel. He then kills Autumn.

Now only Bunny and Amy are left alive. Bunny is meanwhile looking for Lance and when she comes into the kitchen, the cook holds his head in his hands. Horrified, Bunny wants to flee, but she too becomes a victim of the cook’s bloodlust. In his madness, however, he does not stab her fatally this time and Bunny loses consciousness. In the meantime, Amy misses her fellow students and in her search for them she finds her way to a storage room in the basement and discovers the remains of those who were killed. Startled, she wants to retreat, but the cook is already behind her with a knife and stabs her in the back.

On Monday morning, after the return of the other students who had spent their weekend at home or on a short holiday, the atrocities are discovered. During their investigation, the police find a box containing the real Hungarian cook, who should have been dead for months.

The only survivor is Bunny. She is seriously injured in the hospital and can not yet be questioned. When an orderly wants to give her an injection, she recognizes the cook in him, but can no longer defend herself against him.


Benedikt Bursch at evaluates:” The film is permanently given over to various jokes, almost exclusively of a sexual and yet very pubescent nature. Unfortunately, the film doesn’t even stop at clumsy jokes. At least it restricts itself to the dialogue and doesn’t degenerate into a completely unprofessional farce. Nevertheless, due to this weighting, unfortunately, can hardly be called teen horror, even if all the possibilities were given.”[1]

“Relying on silly, slightly aproned coeds, brute humor and a hefty dose of bad taste, this horror comedy effortlessly undercuts any standard.”

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