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Basic data
Inhabitants (status) 535 Inhab. (Census 2012)
Height 4028 m
Postal code 05-0401-0204-6029
Telephone area code (+591)
Coordinates 18° 52′ S, 65° 55′ WCoordinates 18° 52′ S, 65° 55′ W
Tomaycuri (Bolivien)
Tomaycuri (18° 51′ 32″ S, 65° 54′ 34″W)
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Departamento Potosí
Province Chayanta Province
Klimadiagramm Colquechaca
Climate diagram Colquechaca

Tomaycuri is a village in the department of Potosí in the highlands of the South American Andean state of Bolivia.

Location in the local area

Tomaycuri is the second largest village of Macha Canton in the Municipio of San Pedro de Macha, Chayanta Province. The village is located two kilometers southwest of Cerro Turi Jakke (4346 m) at an altitude of 4028 m at the confluence of the Río Choka Mayu and Río Wila Khaua to the Río Tomaycuri, which flows downstream past Macha via the Río Chayanta to the Río Grande.


Tomaycuri is located between the Bolivian Altiplano in the west and the Andes mountain range of the Cordillera Central in the east. The climate of the region is a typical diurnal climate, where the average temperature variation between day and night is more pronounced than between summer and winter.

The average annual temperature over many years is about 4 °C (see climate diagram Colquechaca), the monthly values range from 0 °C in June/July to 6 °C from November to January. The annual rainfall is 460 mm, from May to August there is a dry season of less than 5 mm of precipitation per month, while in January and February the rainfall reaches about 100 mm.

Transport network

Tomaycuri is located at a distance of 169 kilometres by road north of Potosí, the capital of the department of the same name.

From Potosí the national road Ruta 1 leads in northern direction via Tarapaya, Yocalla and Cruce Culta further to Oruro and El Alto, the neighbouring city of La Paz, and to Desaguadero at Lake Titicaca.

In Cruce Culta (formerly: Ventilla), a dirt road branches off from the main road in a northerly direction and after 38 kilometers reaches Ruta 6 two kilometers north of Macha. Ruta 6 continues from here in a southeasterly direction via Tomaycuri and Ocurí to Sucre.


The population of the village has more than tripled in the decade between the last two censuses, certainly due to the construction and asphalting of the Ruta 6:

Year Inhabitants Source
1992 no details Census
2001 163 Census[1]
2013 535 Census[2]

Due to the historical distribution of the population, the region has a high percentage of Quechua population; in the Municipio Ocurí, 98.5 percent of the population speaks Quechua.[3](2001)

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