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Svetlana Tsys (r.) with Zallascht Sadat (Life Ball 2010)

Svetlana “Lana” Tsys (born 1989 in Stavropol, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union[1][2][3]) is a German model


Svetlana Tsys emigrated as a toddler with her German-Russian family from Kazakhstan to Berlin-Lichtenberg.[4] As Miss East Germany, she was crowned Miss Germany on 26 January 2007 in the Egyptian resort of Hurghada.[5] She was already elected Miss Berlin at the age of 14, but was subsequently disqualified because she had not yet reached the 16 years of age required for participation

She is the first Miss Germany to be crowned abroad. This was previously only the case with the Miss Germany competitions in 1970 and the early 1980s.

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