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Steinbinde was a residential area in the district Grünau of the district Treptow-Köpenick in Berlin.


Steinbinde was first mentioned in a document in 1743 as the Stein Bude and referred to a forester’s lodge. The name changed in 1756 to auf der Steinbinde. At that time, a Büdner lived there and farmed 24 acres of land. In 1770 the Steinbude appeared with a sub-forester.

In 1801 there was a “forester’s house at the so-called long lake” in the place of residence, close to Grünau with the dwelling of a sub-forester as well as a fireplace (=household) with six persons. In 1858 nine persons lived in Steinbinde. In 1860 the place of residence was in the protection district Grünau and consisted of one dwelling and three farm buildings. Shares from the estate district Köpenick Forst Teltow were added to the protective district, which in 1903 were managed as Grünau-Dahmer Forst and in 1920 were incorporated into Groß-Berlin.


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