Stockweiherbach (Würzbach)

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Quellgebiet des Stockweiherbaches

Headwaters of the Stockweiherbach

Water body code DE: 264282
Location Saarland

  • Saarpfalz District
    • City of St. Ingbert
River system Rhine
Drainage via Würzbach → Blies → Saar → Moselle → Rhine → North Sea
Source near the Hassel district of St. Ingbert
49° 15′ 49″ N, 7° 8′ 52″ E
Source Height 255 m
Mouth at the Rittershof I at the L111 into the WürzbachCoordinates 49° 15′ 2″ N, 7° 10′ 43″ O
49° 15′ 2″ N, 7° 10′ 43″ O
Mouth height 242 m
Height difference 13 m
Bottom slope 4,3 ‰
Length over 3 km[1]
Catchment area 5.67 km²[1]
Flowing reservoirs Griesweiher
Inhabitants in the catchment area 3500

The Stockweiherbach is a left tributary of the Würzbach coming from the northwest in the district of Hassel in the city of St. Ingbert in the Saarpfalz district in Saarland.



The headwaters of the brook lie in a flat meadow area. The small tributary Stocklandbach flows into it from the left. In its further course, the Stockweiherbach flows through the Griesweiher before it flows into the Würzbach coming from the Ritterstal near the Rittershof I farm.


The Griesweiher is a smaller pond in the district of Hassel in the Saarpfalz district.


The railway line to the Hassel tunnel once ran parallel to the Stockweiherbach stream.

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