Stichtse Vecht

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Community of Stichtse Vecht
Flagge der Gemeinde Stichtse Vecht
Wappen der Gemeinde Stichtse Vecht
Coat of arms
Province Utrecht Utrecht
Mayor Ap Reinders (independent)[1]
Seat of the municipality Maarssen
– Land
– Water
106.83 km2
96.64 km2
10.19 km2
CBS Code 1904
Inhabitants 65.101 (Jan. 1, 2021[2])
Population density 609 Inhabitants/km2
Coordinates 52° 12′ N, 5°0′ OCoordinates 52° 12′ N, 5°0′ O
Important traffic route A2E35 N201 N230 N401 N402 N403 N404
Area code 0294, 0346
Postal codes 1393, 3600–3608, 3611–3612, 3620–3621, 3626, 3628, 3630–3634
Website Homepage of Stichtse Vecht
Map - NL - Municipality code 1904 (2014).png

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Stichtse Vecht is a municipality in the Dutch province of Utrecht, newly created on 1 January 2011 by the merger of the former municipalities of Breukelen, Loenen and Maarssen. Located between Amsterdam and the provincial capital Utrecht, the municipality had 65,101 inhabitants on 1 January 2021.

Settlement focus

The main settlement areas of the new municipality are – from north to south – Nigtevecht, Vreeland, Loenersloot, Loenen aan de Vecht, Nieuwersluis, Nieuwer Ter Aa, Breukelen, Kockengen, Maarssen-Dorp, Maarssenbroek, Tienhoven/(Oud) Maarsseveen/Bethune- and Molenpolder and Oud-Zuilen.[3] The seat of the administration is in Maarssen.



Local Council

On 25 November 2010, the first municipal council election for the new municipality was held. The election resulted in the following distribution of seats:

VVD 8 seats, CDA 5 seats, Maarssen2000 4 seats, PvdA 3 seats, GroenLinks 2 seats, CU/SGP 2 seats, D’66 3 seats, Streekbelangen 2 seats, Het Vechtse Verbond 2 seats, Breukelen Beweegt 1 seat, Maarssen Natuurlijk! 1 seat, Trots op Nederland no seat.


As of 1 August 2018, Yvonne van Mastrigt (PvdA) was acting mayor.[4] She replaced her faction colleague Marc Witteman, who had been diagnosed with incurable lung cancer in 2017 and died on 24 December the following year.[5] Ap Reinders took over as mayor on February 6, 2020.[1]

Web links

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