St. Mauritius (Rubenheim)

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The Catholic Parish Church of St. Mauritius in Rubenheim

View inside the church

View from the chancel towards the gallery and the organ prospect

The Church of St. Mauritius is a Catholic parish church in Rubenheim, a district of the municipality of Gersheim. The patron saint of the church is Saint Mauritius. In the monument list of the Saarland, the church is listed as a single monument[1].


The original church building was built around the year 1000 in the Romanesque period of art history[2].

In the 13th century the church received a tower with a gable roof and served as a fortified church. In 1768 the tower was raised, retaining the old gable roof. In 1778-79 an extension of the nave took place, by the addition of a baroque hall. In 1895 there was another extension, when a choir in the neo-Romanesque style was added according to the plans of the architect Wilhelm Schulte sen. In 1927-28 a side aisle was added to the west. After destruction during the Second World War, the church was rebuilt in 1948-60 according to plans by the architect Albert Boßlet (Würzburg). In 1985 and 2006 the church was restored[3].


The organ of the church was built in 1954 by the firm Gebr. Späth Orgelbau (Mengen). The cone chest instrument, with 23 stops, distributed over 2 manuals and pedal, is placed on a gallery and has a free-standing console. The stop action is electric[4].

I Main movement C-g3

1. Gedacktpommer 16′
2. Principal 8′
3. Covered Wide 8′
4. Octave 4′
5. Reed Flute 4′
6. Flageolet 2′
7. Mixture IV-V 1  1⁄3′
8. Trumpet 8′
II Swell C-g3

9. Koppelflöte 8′
10. Salicional 8′
11. Principal 4′
12. Night Horn 4′
13. Recorder 2′
14. Third 1  3⁄5′
15. Quint 1  1⁄3′
16. Cymbel III
17. Crook horn 8′
Pedal C-f1

18. Principal bass 16′
19. Subbass 16′
Tender Bass (from No. 1) 16′
20. Octavian bass 8′
21. Gedacktbass 8′
22. Bass flute 4′
23. Trombone 16′
  • Coupling: II/I, I/P, II/P
  • Playing aids: a free combination, tutti, crescendo


  • Bernhard H. Bonkhoff: Die Kirchen im Saar-Pfalz-Kreis. Saarbrücken 1987.

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Coordinates 49° 10′ 23.8″ N, 7° 12′ 27.5″ E