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A stainless steel slotted turner and an elastic pallet/spatula with wooden handle

Traditional wooden spatula

A spatula, also known as a spatula knife, slotted spatula, baking shovel, roasting spatula, frying shovel, seizing ut ensil or kitchen friend, is a kitchen utensil for turning food in the pan. Pan turners usually consist of a flat plate pierced by slits or holes with a straight front edge and a longer, more or less angled handle on the rear edge. The openings in the plate are to prevent hot fat from splattering when turning over. The straight front edge allows the bottom of the pan to be scraped, for example to loosen drippings.

Spatulas are often made of sheet steel and are one piece in a high quality design. Simpler models often have a welded-on handle or are formed from die-cast aluminium. Spatulas made of wood or heat-resistant plastic are particularly suitable for non-stick pans, whose coating can be damaged by metal tools.

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