Sozial-Nationale Versammlung

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Social-National Assembly
Social national assembly logo.jpg
Foundation 2008
Alignment Right-wing extremism
Color(s) white, black

The Social-National Assembly(Ukrainian Соціал-Національна Асамблея, SNA) is an association of several Ukrainian nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations, and the Patriot of Ukraine group is considered to be its paramilitary branch. The chairman of the Social-National Assembly is Andriy Biletsky, who is also the commander of the far-right paramilitary organization “Azov Regiment”.[1]


The SNA was founded in 2008. Among other things, in 2010 the group carried out a violent action in Vasylkiv, targeting foreign traders.[2] In 2011, three of its members, including Volodymyr Shpara and Ihor Mossiychuk, attempted to blow up a Lenin monument at Kyiv airport. In January 2014, they were each sentenced to six years in prison. The sentence led to protests and violent riots in which eleven people were injured.[3][4] On 24 February 2014, the convicts were declared political prisoners under an amnesty issued by the Verkhovna Rada and released.[5]

In the framework of radicalization of the Euromaidan in November, 2013 the organization was a co-founder of the paramilitary rallying movement Pravy sector.[6] Shpara and Mosiychuk belong to the leadership of the Azov regiment.[7]


The Social-National Assembly is a neo-Nazi movement with a totalitarian ideology that advocates a “racially pure Ukraine”.[8] The ideology of the organization is assessed by the Ukrainian political scientist Anton Shekhovtsov and Andreas Umland as openly neo-Nazi.

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