Snow White and Rose Red (1984)

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Original title Snow White and Rose Red
Country of production Germany
Original language German
Year of publication 1984
Length 88 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Rita-Maria Nowotny
Script Marina Genschow
Production Fritz Genschow Film
Music Klaus Fischer-Dieskau
Camera Gabriel Genschow
Edited by Gabriel Genschow
  • Marina Genschow: Snow White
  • Madeleine Stolze: Rosenrot
  • Inge Landgut: Mother
  • Santiago Ziesmer: Wizard Gritzegrimm / Dwarf
  • Karl-Josef Hering: Giant Groterjan
  • Hartwig Rudolz: Prince Engelbert
  • Michael Tanneberger: Prince Diethelm
  • Jochen Schröder (voice): Narrator

Snow White and Rose Red is a 1984 German fairy tale film based on the Grimm fairy tale Snow White and Rose Red.


In a kingdom that has a large forest, there lives a little dwarf who believes that all humans are greedy and envious.

One day the old king sets out on a deer hunt. His two sons ride through the great forest, but the deer keeps escaping them. Nevertheless, Prince Engelbert does not want to give up. As the hunt for the deer lures him deeper and deeper into the forest, his horse shies away, and a little dwarf stands before him and says that the kingdom belongs to him and that he should disappear. The prince, on the other hand, replies that his father owns this kingdom and says that he should disappear. The dwarf then drops the prince from his horse and turns him into a bear.

One day, when the prince reaches the good dwarfs, they tell him that he can break the spell if he finds two people who have a good nature. The bear sets off on his search until he comes to a little house with two rose trees, where the two sisters Snow White and Rose Red live with their mother. They take him into their house. When the evil dwarf realizes that the sisters are good in their nature, he devises a plan: he lures the bear out of the house, then he tries to fake a misfortune in order to arouse the pity of Snow White and Rose Red – he tries this three times, and each time the girls have helped him without accepting any reward from him. When the dwarf loses his power, the bear turns back into the prince.

Prince Engelbert marries Snow White; Prince Diethelm marries Rose Red.


Snow White and Rose Red was filmed in Berlin.[1][2] Filming took place from 2 September 1982 to 16 August 1983.[1] On 24 October 1984, the film had its theatrical release at the Gloria-Palast.[1]


Film-dienst wrote: “Two kind-hearted sisters, through their selflessness, redeem a prince who has been turned into a bear by an evil dwarf. Film adaptation of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale of the same name that seamlessly follows Fritz Genschow fairy tale movie classics of the 1950s. The patina that now lies over the film is unlikely to bother the youngest cinema-goers in particular, as they will always recognise ‘their’ fairy tale thanks to the straightforward production Fairy tale.”[3]

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