Sixt Jakob Finckh

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Sixt Jakob Finckh (* 6 August 1761 in Reutlingen; † 17 April 1852 ibid) was a Württemberg merchant and politician.


Sixt Jakob Finckh was the son of the merchant Johann Konrad Finckh (1733-1816) in Reutlingen and Ulrike Marie Hedwig née Kapff (1734-1792). He had five siblings. In 1791 he married Christine Margarethe Engel (1771-1854), they had ten children.


Finckh was an independent merchant in Reutlingen (company Johann Konrad Finckh, “Eisen-Finckh”).


On 23 April 1823, Sixt Jakob Finckh won the by-election in the electoral district of Reutlingen (city) for Friedrich List, who had been expelled from the Second Chamber of the Württemberg Landtag. In 1825 he was re-elected and belonged to the Landtag until 1831.


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