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Tell el-Farah South.jpg

Tell el-Fārʿah (South)

Sharuh was the name of a town in Retjenu in ancient times. It was located on the present territory of Israel about 20 kilometers west of Be’er Sheva.


At the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian 18th Dynasty, when Ahmose I continued the expulsion of the Hyksos begun by Kamose, Sharuhen played a special strategic role.

In the second month of Peret (February) Ahmose I. 1532 B.C. in his 18th year of reign, the eleventh year of the reign of the Hykso king Chamudi, captured the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis and a short time later on 25 Achet I (17 September) conquered the border fortress of Sile.

The successful capture of Sile and Auaris was followed by a three-year siege of the fortified city of Sharuhen,[2] which Ahmose I. finally captured in 1529/28 BC in his 21st year of reign. The siege of Sharuhen is recorded in column 15 of the biography of Ahmose, son of Ibana, in his rock tomb at el-Kab.[3]


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