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SEXAUER is a gallery for contemporary art in Berlin.


The gallery was founded in 2013 by Jan-Philipp Sexauer[1] and represents artists of a younger generation internationally. It was awarded the Berlin Gallery Prize in 2017.[2][3][4]
It is located in a former factory building.

In 2014, she showed the last solo exhibition[5] of the painter Herbert Volkmann a few months before his death.[6] She regularly publishes catalogues and produces short films about the exhibitions. She participates in art fairs internationally. In 2015, on the occasion of the exhibition “24h Skulptur[7] together with the artist Andreas Greiner and the art historian Ursula Ströbele, she published the book “24h Skulptur – notes on time sculptures” about an expanded concept of sculpture.[8][9]

Since 2020, SEXAUER has been operating the SEXAUER SHOWROOM in Berlin-Charlottenburg in addition to the exhibition hall in Weißensee. Among other things, the exhibition series INTERACTIONS will be shown there. Artistic positions that interact are juxtaposed, which should lead to a deeper understanding of the works.

Art Gallery


The program focuses on concept-oriented positions in a variety of media including installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, video, and photography.

Artists represented

The gallery represents Futo Akiyoshi,[10] Thomas Feuerstein,[11] Ornella Fieres,[12] Isabelle Graeff[13]Philip Grözinger, Alexander Iskin,[14] Caroline Kryzecki[15] and Jeewi Lee.

In solo and group exhibitions[16][17] she presented works by Dirk Bell, Björn Dahlem, Martin Eder, Gerrit Engel,[18] Yang Fudong, Andreas Greiner, Asta Gröting, Flaka Haliti, Gregor Hildebrandt, Kitty Kraus, Alicja Kwade, Jonathan Meese, Bjørn Melhus, Anselm Reyle, Michael Sailstorfer, Roman Signer, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Jorinde Voigt, Franz Erhard Walther, Rebecca Warren, Erwin Wurm and Thomas Zipp.


  • Jay Gard: Jay Gard, Sexauer, Berlin, 2013.
  • Herbert Volkmann: Society Coma, Sexauer, Berlin, 2014.
  • Alexander Iskin: Bastard Club, Sexauer, Berlin, 2014.
  • Christian Achenbach: Acupalco, Sexauer, Berlin, 2014.
  • Uros Djurovic: The Gift, Sexauer, Berlin, 2014.
  • Caroline Kryzecki: Superposition, Sexauer, Berlin, 2014.
  • 24h Sculpture: Andreas Greiner, Dr. Ursula Ströbele, Jan-Philipp Sexauer, DISTANZ Verlag, Berlin, 2015, ISBN 978-3-95476-125-8
  • Ornella Fieres: Looks like you tried to go somewhere that does not exist, Sexauer, Berlin, 2015.
  • Futo Akiyoshi: Adherence, Sexauer, Berlin, 2016.
  • Alexander Iskin: Reality Express, Sexauer, Berlin, 2016.
  • Philip Grözinger: From here to now and back again, Sexauer, Berlin, 2016.
  • Jay Gard: Wrong History, Sexauer, Berlin, 2017.
  • Caroline Kryzecki: Come out (to show them), Sexauer, Berlin, 2017.
  • Carla Chan: When the world is left only black and grey, Sexauer, Berlin, 2017.
  • Alexander Iskin: Apple Sauce in Paradise, Sexauer, Berlin, 2017.
  • Futo Akiyoshi: All for one, Sexauer, Berlin, 2018.
  • Ornella Fieres: The Recurring Frequency of a fading Moment, Sexauer, Berlin, 2018.
  • Jeewi Lee: Incision, Sexauer, Berlin, 2018.
  • Caroline Kryzecki: Counting Silence, Sexauer, Berlin, 2020.
  • Ornella Fieres: I think it is a tragedy that we have not found each other! Sexauer, Berlin, 2021.


Solo exhibitions

  • 2021: Ornella Fieres, I think it’s a tragedy that we didn’t find each other!
  • 2020: Caroline Kryzecki, Counting Silence
  • 2019: Alexander Iskin,
  • 2019: Philip Groezinger, Daisy Bell
  • 2019: Alexander Iskin
  • 2018: Thomas Feuerstein, Metabolica
  • 2018: Jeewi Lee, Incision
  • 2018: Yang Fudong, New Women
  • 2018: Isabelle Graeff, Exit
  • 2018: Ornella Fieres, The Recurring Frequency of a Fading Moment
  • 2018: Futo Akiyoshi, All for One
  • 2017: Jay Gard, Sign Under Sign
  • 2017: Caroline Kryzecki, Come out (to show them)
  • 2017: Alexander Iskin, Apple Sauce in Paradise
  • 2017: Carla Chan, When the world is left only black and grey
  • 2016: Philip Grözinger, From here to now and back again
  • 2016: Jeewi Lee, Blind Applause
  • 2016: Alexander Iskin, Reality Express
  • 2015: Ornella Fieres, Looks like you tried to go somewhere that does not exist
  • 2015: Futo Akiyoshi, Adherence
  • 2015: Jay Gard, Wrong History
  • 2015: Gerrit Engel, Topping out ceremony
  • 2015: Ryszard Wasko, Timeline
  • 2014: Caroline Kryzecki, Superposition
  • 2014: Christian Achenbach, Acupalco
  • 2014: Uros Djurovic, The Gift
  • 2014: Alexander Iskin, Bastard Club
  • 2014: Herbert Volkmann, Society Coma
  • 2013: Jay Gard, Jay Gard

Group exhibitions

  • 2020: Come together, Futo Akiyoshi, Thomas Feuerstein, Ornella Fieres, Jay Gard, Isabelle Graeff, Philip Grözinger, Alexander Iskin, Caroline Kryzecki, Jeewi Lee
  • 2018: Ngorongoro 2, among others with Thomas Feuerstein, Gilbert & George, Jürgen Klauke, Nasan Tur
  • 2017: SMALL – an exploration of miniature, among others with Julius von Bismarck, Björn Dahlem, Martin Eder, Gregor Hildebrandt, Anselm Reyle, Michael Sailstorfer, Katja Strunz, Jorinde Voigt, Thomas Zipp
  • 2016: Open Windows – reflections on Beuys, among others with Asta Gröting, Alfredo Jaar, Jonathan Meese, Michael Sailstorfer, Christoph Schlingensief, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Rebecca Warren, Erwin Wurm
  • 2016: White Cube Jungle, Jofroi Amaral, Toshihiko Mitsuya (with June14), Alexander Skorobogatov
  • 2016: In Formation, among others with Dirk Bell, Slater Bradley, Inge Dick, Rolf-Gunter Dienst, Flaka Haliti, Erik Schmidt, Ettore Sottsass, Anna Virnich
  • 2015: Saloon, among others with Alexandra Baumgartner, Nadine Fecht, Michelle Jezierski, Zoë Claire Miller, Sophia Pompéry
  • 2014: 24h Sculpture, among others with Awst & Walther, Andreas Greiner, Fabian Knecht, Alicja Kwade, Dennis Oppenheim, Roman Signer, Franz Erhard Walther

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