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Sebastian Ertel (* c. 1555 in Mariazell; † 1618 in Garsten) was an Austrian clergyman and composer.[1] Ertel is the oldest known composer in Styria.


Nothing is known of Ertel’s youth or his musical education. Ertel entered the monastery of Garsten after 1589. In 1598 he became temporary pastor of Gaflenz in Upper Austria. The abbot of St. Lamprecht, Martin Alopitius, called him a year later to Mariazell as instructor of the choirboys and composer. In 1605 Ertel returned to Garsten and was there until his death.[1]

Works (selection)

Ertel’s works are preserved in manuscript and partly in print. They are all sacred music in a simple, syllabic style for monastic practice.

  • Sacrosanctum Magnae et Intimeratae Virginis Canticum: 8 voices-b.c – Laetatus sum (Ps.121)
  • Sacrosanctum Magnae et Intimeratae Virginis Canticum: 8 voices-b.c – Nisi Dominus (Ps.126)

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