Schönwald Castle

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Schönwald Castle is a departed castle in Schönwald in the Upper Franconian district of Wunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge.

Schönwald Castle was initially a knight’s estate and was mentioned in 1417 in the possession of Hans Toß, later it belonged to the Kneusel and the von Thela family, other owners followed. In 1689 it passed to the councilor and bailiff Jobst Bernhard von Lindenfels. In 1777, owner Wilhelm von Schmidt moved his seat to the newly built Sophienreuth Castle. Since then, the Schönwald complex has fallen into disrepair, with the owner changing several times. According to sources around 1700, the castle was surrounded by a moat and a wall and had several farm buildings


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Coordinates 50° 12′ 6.4″ N, 12° 5′ 2″ E