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Becken, Teile des Oberschenkelknochens und ein Rückenwirbel aus der Originalbeschreibung von Sarcosaurus woodi

Pelvis, parts of the femur and a dorsal vertebra from the original description of Sarcosaurus woodi

Temporal occurrence
Lower Jurassic (Sinemurium)[1]
199.3 to 190.8 million years
  • Europe (England)
Dinosaur (Dinosauria)
Lizard-pelvic dinosaurs (Saurischia)
Ceratosauria ?
Scientific name
Andrews, 1921

Sarcosaurus (“Meat Lizard”) is a genus of early theropod dinosaur (Theropoda) from the Lower Jurassic of England

Since it is only known from a fragmentary skeleton of an adult individual, little is known about its appearance. It is often depicted in reconstructions with a nasal horn similar to that of Ceratosaurus. However, since no skull material has been discovered, such images are speculation. The estimated length is given in the literature as between three and four meters.

Charles William Andrews published the first description of the genus in 1921 based on a femur, single vertebrae and an incomplete pelvis and named the type species Sarcosaurus woodi. The species Sarcosaurus andrews, named after the first describer, is now considered a nomen dubium.


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