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Local community Rovies
Τοπική Κοινότητα Ροβιών (Ροβιές)
Rovies (Griechenland)
(38° 48′ 36″ N, 23° 13′ 47″O)
Basic data
State GreeceGriechenland Greece
Region Central Greece
Regional District Fokida
Community Mandoudi Limni Agia Anna
District Limni (Elymnii)
Geographic coordinates 38° 49′ N, 23° 14′ OCoordinates 38° 49′ N, 23° 14′ O
Elevation above sea level 10 m
Village centre
Area 56.673 km²
Inhabitants 1271 (2011[1])
LAU-1 code no. 29070104
Local breakdown 8

Rovies(Modern Greek Ροβιές (f. pl.), Ancient Greek Όρόβιαι .mw-parser-output

) is a coastal town in the municipality of Mandoudi-Limni-Agia Anna in the northwest of the Greek island of Euboea, 50km northwest of Chalkis. It was known in ancient times for its oracle site of Apollo Selinuntios. In 426 BC, the city was devastated by a major earthquake in the Gulf of Euboea and the subsequent tidal wave.

Individual references

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