Route national 309

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Route national 309 in France
N 309
Basic data
Overall length: 77 km (historical: 1933-1973)
40 km (historical: 1973-1993)


  • Île-de-France
  • Picardy
Status: graded
Street address
Template:AB/Maintenance/Leer historical course of the road until 1973
(with today’s designations)
Paris department
Straße as D 909
Kreuzung Porte d’Asnières (Boulevard périphérique)
Ortschaft Levallois-Perret
Ortschaft Clichy
Ortschaft Asnières-sur-Seine D 11 ( ex N 309A)
Ortschaft Bois-Colombes D 986 ( ex N 186)
Ortschaft Colombes
Ortschaft Gennevilliers
Département Val-d’Oise
Ortschaft Argenteuil D 311 ( ex N 311)
Ortschaft Sannois D 14 ( former N 14)
Ortschaft Saint-Gratien
Ortschaft Eaubonne D 928 ( former N 328)
Ortschaft Domont
Ortschaft Moiselles D 301 ( former N 1 )
via N 1
Kreuzung Francilienne D 301 ( former N 1 )
Ortschaft Villaines-sous-Bois
Straße as D 909Z
Ortschaft Viarmes D 922Z ( former N 322)
Straße as D 909
Département Oise
Kreuzung D 924 ( former N 324)
Ortschaft Gouvieux
Ortschaft Chantilly D 1016 ( ex N 16)
D 924 (ex N 324)
D 924A (ex N 324A )

Route nationale 309, N 309 or RN 309 for short, was a French national road.


The road was established in 1933 in two parts between Paris and Chantilly. The section between Sannois and Argenteuil originates from the N 14A. In 1973 the northern part was graded. In 1993 the rest of the route followed.

Side branches

N 309A

Route nationale 309A, abbreviated N 30 9A or RN 309A, was a side branch of the N 309 from 1933 to 1973, branching off from it at Carrefour des Bourguignons (in Asnières-sur-Seine and Bois-Colombes) and leading to national road 308 at Embranchement de Colombes (in Courbevoie and La Garenne-Colombes). In 1973 it was renumbered as national road 409 and in 1980 it was declassified as departmental road 11.

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