Rottleben Castle

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Rottleben Castle is located in the village of Rottleben in the Kyffhäuserkreis district of Thuringia.


Rottleben Castle is located on the southern slope of the small Kyffhäuser Mountains in the village of the same name.
Nearby are the Barbarossa Cave and the ruins of Falkenburg Castle. The village and thus the castle can be easily reached via the state roads 2292, 1172 and 1034, which lie to the west of Bad Frankenhausen.


Before the documentary mention of 1125[1] of the village, the castle was already in the village. It was a seat of the lower landed nobility, the von Rothenburgs. Manor and country seat were one unit. Finally the castle belonged to the counts of Schwarzburg. They ruled and worked until 1945, when the dynasty became extinct.

Currently the property is empty.[2]

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