Rossenbach (Morsbach)

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Community of Morsbach

Coordinates 50° 52′ 29″ N, 7° 42′ 25″ O

Height: 293 m above sea level
Residents: 1 (31 Dec. 2007)
Zip code: 51597
Area code: 02294

Rossenbach is a district of Morsbach in the Oberbergischer Kreis in southern North Rhine-Westphalia within the administrative district of Cologne.

Location and description

In rural, wooded surroundings, Rossenbach is located at the southernmost tip of the Oberbergischer Kreis. The cities of Gummersbach (38 km), Siegen (35 km) and Cologne (75 km) can be reached in a few minutes by car.

Neighboring districts are Böcklingen in the north, Euelsloch in the northeast, Heide in the south and Hahn in the west


Initial nomination

In 1575 the village was mentioned for the first time in a document, namely “Place in the map of A. Mercator ”

The spelling of the first name was Roßenbach.[1]


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