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Die Rosenau im Stuttgarter Westen

The Rosenau in the west of Stuttgart

Die Rosenau – Lokalität & Bühne is a cabaret and cabaret stage in Stuttgart with around 160 cultural events every year. Artists from all over the German-speaking world make guest appearances here. Characteristic for the Rosenau is the direct atmosphere between artist and audience, as well as – in the tradition of the first cabaret stages in Berlin and Vienna[1] – the combination of cultural and culinary offerings.

Since 2011, the Rosenau has been recognized as a sociocultural center and is a member of the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Kulturinitiativen und Soziokulturellen Zentren in Baden-Württemberg (LAKS).[2]


Rosenau Poetry Slam, 2015

Rosenau Poetry Slam, 2015

Cabaret, poetry slam, comedy, readings and cabaret make up the bulk of the programme. Cabaret artists and comedians such as Jochen Malmsheimer, Rolf Miller, Uli Keuler, Camela de Feo, Hans Gerzlich, Hazel Brugger, Helge und das Udo, Patrick Salmen, Ingmar Stadelmann or Matthias Egersdörfer regularly perform at the Rosenau.

Part of the concept is the promotion of young and talented artists, for whom the Rosenau offers a professional performance venue within the series “OpenStage”, “Stuttgart Poetry Slam” or “Poetry for Two”. In the association of Stuttgart stages (the “Erzeugergemeinschaft Stuttgarter Kabarett”)[3]), the Rosenau is regarded as a stage for up-and-coming artists and promoters.

The Rosenau also offers space for formats and series not previously established in the city. Events such as the monthly “Poetry Slam” (since 2000), the “OpenStage” (since 2003), “Mütternacht – Der Comedyclub”, “Poetry für zwei”, the “Rosenau Tanznacht” or the formats “Flop oder Top?”, “close-up music” and “Non Stop Stand Up” are or were a fixed part of the programme.

Concerts by local bands such as HISS or “Hitboutique” as well as performances by singer-songwriters such as Dota, Marc-Uwe Kling & die Gesellschaft, Sarah Lesch, Zam Helga or Simon & Jan are also on the programme.

Since January 2016, the Rosenau has organized the Stuttgart edition of the Quatsch Comedy Club.[4]

Since the 1990s, the Rosenau has been variously referred to as the “discoverer’s stage”.[5] Michael Mittermeier, Kaya Yanar, Leo Bassi or Die Fantastischen Vier performed at the Rosenau at the beginning of their careers. This is also why the Rosenau regularly hosts nationally known artists “out of town” to this day. These “guest performances” – for example with Eckart von Hirschhausen, Rainald Grebe, Martina Schwarzmann, Vince Ebert, Marc-Uwe Kling, Sebastian Pufpaff, Torsten Sträter or Olaf Schubert – take place in Stuttgart at the Theaterhaus, the Wizemann or the Liederhalle.

On 24 April 2021, the cabaret group Eure Mütter broadcast a 12-hour song marathon as a livestream from the Rosenau.[6]


In 1894, the Bachner brewery erected the building in Rotebühlstraße in Stuttgart as a brewery pub. After the turn of the century, the brewer Ernst Wulle took over the pub including brewhouse and storage cellar. Even at this time, events and meetings were regularly held in the hall. After the Second World War, major reconstruction work was carried out, and the hall and the pub were separated from each other. After the merger of the Wulle and Dinkelacker breweries, the Rosenau became the property of Dinkelacker AG in 1971. From 1973 onwards, the hall was mainly used for club evenings, as a dance café and for amateur theatre. At that time, the Rosenau was a middle-class pub with a regionally and locally rooted cultural program.

In 1992, the restaurateurs Johannes Zeller and Christoph Ulmer took over the traditional restaurant. They established the Rosenau’s current reputation as a cabaret stage. Artists such as Ingo Appelt, Leo Bassi, Rolf Miller, Ben Becker and Kaya Yanar performed there for the first time in Stuttgart in the 1990s.

Der Saal vor Veranstaltungsbeginn

The hall before the start of the event

In 2002 Johannes Zeller announced that he would not continue to run the Rosenau.[7] Since September 2002, the stage and restaurant have been run by a commercial subsidiary of the social enterprise Neue Arbeit. In the same year Michael Drauz took over the artistic direction of the house, which he still holds today.

The Rosenau was not economically profitable during this time. In April 2009, the cultural stage and the restaurant were therefore financially separated. This and the founding of the non-profit association Rosenau Kultur e.V. created the conditions for financial support from the city. In 2013, the “Neue Arbeit Dienstleistungsagentur GmbH” announced its final withdrawal as operator of the Rosenau. Since the beginning of 2014, Rosenau Kultur e.V. has been responsible for the cultural stage as tenant and leaseholder.

Structure and financing

Rosenau Kultur e.V. has been financially supported by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart since 2010 and now also by the State of Baden-Württemberg. After only being able to operate on a very limited basis with around 80 events a year, the Rosenau now offers a year-round cultural programme[8]the Rosenau now offers a year-round cultural program again.
Over the years, artists, guests and artists’ agencies have also repeatedly campaigned for the preservation of the stage. The cabaret artist Olaf Schubert, for example, is quoted on the Rosenau homepage as saying: “We have performed here several times and met with an interested and, pleasantly enough, often young audience, which is certainly also due to the price policy of the stage. I believe that especially young artists depend on such stages and thus the whole store is significant.”[9]

Since May 2010, the Rosenau has had its own Friends and Sponsors Association, whose members campaigned for the preservation of the stage with various activities during the negotiations with the City of Stuttgart about financial support, and who continue to support the Rosenau with an annual contribution to this day.

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