Rosa Roth – The offer of the day

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Episode of the series Rosa Roth
Original title The offer of the day
Country of production Germany
Original language German
Moovie – the art of entertainment GmbH
Length 90 minutes
Classification Episode 27 (List)
First broadcast 18. September 2010 on ZDF
Director Carlo Rola
Screenplay Thorsten Wettcke
Music Christian Brandauer
Camera Frank Küpper
Edited by Friederike von Normann
  • Iris Berben: Rosa Roth
  • Thomas Thieme: Markus Körber
  • Carmen-Maja Antoni: Karin von Lomanski
  • Gunter Schoß: Günther Zorn
  • Jan-Gregor Kremp: Gregor Feilhaber
  • Kostja Ullmann: Jörg Feilhaber
  • Peter Davor: Marty
  • Annalena Duken: Annemarie Steiner
  • Kenneth Philip George: Zahir
  • Jasmine Gerat: Josie Loose
  • Ramona Kunze-Libnow: Mareike Schultz
  • Oona-Devi Liebich: Lydia
  • Horst-Günter Marx: Jean Reber
  • Maria Maid: Mrs. Garbers
  • Ernst Meincke: Dr. Schiller-Bregentz
  • Janek Rieke: Holger Steiner
  • Gitta Schweighöfer: Anna Körber
  • Simon Werner: Raoul

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Rosa Roth – Self-defence

The Quote of the Day is a 2010 German television film directed by Carlo Rola, the twenty-seventh episode of the ZDF crime drama series Rosa Roth, starring Iris Berben in the title role.


Annemarie Steiner falls from the hotel window and is seriously injured in intensive care. Furthermore, the journalist Jean Reber causes a fatal accident in which he breaks his foot. Blood tests show that both of them had eaten mushrooms before the accident. Rosa Roth finds out that they ate the daily special at the “Fab Four”, which contains mushrooms. The restaurant owner Gregor Feilhaber and his son Jörg, as well as the chef and his assistants are targeted by Roth and her colleague Körber.


The offer of the day was filmed in Berlin and the surrounding area from 8 December 2009 to 15 January 2010. On 18 September 2010, the episode was first broadcast on ZDF at 8:15 pm.[1]


The critics of the TV magazine TV Spielfilm gave the film a middling rating, pointing their thumbs to the side. They stated: “Too little pepper and only served lukewarm”.[2]

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