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Robert Brauner (* September 30, 1816 in Habelschwerdt, County Glatz; † August 2, 1854 in Berlin) was a German preacher and theologian of the German Catholic movement.


Robert Brauner studied theology, was ordained a priest and then worked first as a Catholic chaplain in Schönfeld, now Roztoki, and in his hometown. He joined the newly emerging German Catholic movement in 1845 and became the first preacher of the Berlin German Catholic congregation. It grew under his leadership to as many as 2000 members. The meetings took place first in the lecture hall of the Berlin Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster and from 1848 also in the Klosterkirche.

As a result of its involvement in the 1848 revolution, the congregation was banned from further use of the monastery church in 1851, and Brauner himself was expelled from Berlin on September 14. He continued to publish the magazine Dissident and was charged with violating the right of assembly for meeting with parishioners in the surrounding area. Despite an acquittal, he was again expelled, this time from all of Prussia, for his criticism of the policies of the Prussian government. Brauner then lived for a time in France and Switzerland until he moved to Wiesbaden in the fall of 1853. His Berlin congregation decided to bring back Brauner, who was by then seriously ill. In July 1854 he returned to Berlin accompanied by two members of the board. Another expulsion order could not be enforced, as Brauner died on August 2, 1854. He is buried in the cemetery of the German Catholic community on Pappelallee.


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