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Manor house

Portal to the manor

Coat of arms of the von Bennigsen family above the portal to the manor house

The Rittergut Bennigsen is a manor in Bennigsen, which has been the ancestral seat of the Lower Saxon noble family of Bennigsen for more than 700 years.[1]


A moated castle on the estate was built in 1311 and served as the family’s residence ever since.[1] Parts of the estate were destroyed during the Hildesheim Collegiate Feud, including the manor house, which was then rebuilt in 1566 as a half-timbered house with rich carving on the upper floor. Especially under Jacob Franz von Bennigsen (1654-1731) structural changes were made,[2] however, the estate, which was always also used for agricultural purposes, and the manor buildings were repeatedly enlarged and altered until the 19th century.[1]

During the time of the Kingdom of Hanover, the court architect Georg Ludwig Friedrich Laves built the so-called “New Palace” in 1863;[2] the villa served Rudolf von Bennigsen as a retirement residence in his old age. Von Bennigsen also had the park on the estate laid out;[1] the area of around 4.5 hectares with its rare trees is now a nature conservation area.[2]

In 1990, Roderic von Bennigsen took over the estate and transformed the property into a cultural venue. For example, he converted a smaller 17th-century hall and a large 18th-century barn into a concert venue with a stage for large philharmonic orchestras.[1] In 1995, the cellist and conductor founded the Rittergut Bennigsen summer festival, at which renowned artists and internationally active orchestras have performed. In 2014 it took place for the seventeenth time.[3]

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