Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten in Bayern

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Basic data
Country Chair Anna-Maria Auerhahn
vice chairman Fabian Mangold
vice chairman Christoph Götz
vice chairman Filip Balzert
Treasurer Neele Ulbricht

Press Officer

Samantha Simbeck
Managing Director Lea Dörfler
Social Media ref Fabian Franz
Members: approx. 2,000
(October 2011)
Outline: 12 university groups

The Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten in Bayern e.V. ( Ring of Christian Democratic Students in Bavaria), based in Munich, is the association of 12 independent and autonomous university groups in the Free State of Bavaria. Each individual member is a member of the group at the university location and each group is a member of the regional association of Bavaria. In addition, each group as well as the regional association of Bavaria is also a member of the federal association of the RCDS.


The beginnings of the association are varied. Depending on the source, different founding dates emerge. This may also have to do with the fact that there were first individual student groups, which only then merged into different, partly overlapping superordinate levels. It is certain that as early as 1946, the first Christian Democratic student groups were formed in the American occupation zone, which were oriented towards the CSU. This was especially true at the universities of Munich, Würzburg, Erlangen and Eichstätt. The bourgeois student groups, however, were severely restricted in their activities by the American reservation laws, which forbade “any partisan activity” at the universities. Only the left-wing groups (KPD-Hochschulgruppe, Kampfgruppe Marx, etc.) were allowed to operate without cover names. However, this fact – combined with the relaxation of the American reservations – led to a comparatively rapid structuring of the bourgeois camp from 1949/50 onwards.[1]

Nationwide coordination of the work of the individual student groups must have been numerous and also quite early. Thus in 1947 a first loose cooperation among the groups Munich, Erlangen and Würzburg is documented. The first date for a firm union is provided by the commemorative publication “10 Years of Christian-Social Student Groups in Bavaria”, which appeared in February 1959. In 1949, however, this regional association probably still had a rather loose structure and no statutes. A really firm union of the Bavarian Christian-social or -democratic groups might have arisen only in the winter semester 1950/51. This union was called “Ring Christlich-Demokratischer Studenten in Bayern” for the first time.[2] Today, the Bavarian regional association is the largest and oldest association within the federal association of the RCDS.


The RCDS is independent of party politics. It is committed to the free democratic basic order and believes in the freedom of the individual in an open and solidary society. The basic political convictions of the RCDS in Bavaria are guided by Christian Democratic, conservative and liberal values. Due to the common values and content-related similarities, the RCDS feels highly connected to the Union parties.[3] The individual university groups place themselves each year with the Hochulwahlen to the choice and engage themselves locally in the individual committees of the respective university for the student interests. In addition, the RCDS Bavaria offers, for example, information events and assistance regarding student financing, studying with children or studying abroad.

University groups

The RCDS in Bavaria consists of the following 12 university groups with their respective chairpersons [4]

  • RCDS Augsburg (Chairperson: Justine Richter)
  • RCDS Bamberg (Chairwoman: Katina Raschke)
  • RCDS Bayreuth (Chairman: Jan Plambeck)
  • RCDS Eichstätt (Chairperson: Ann Kathrin Grünhäuser)
  • RCDS Erlangen (Chairperson: Kirsten Otte)
  • RCDS Munich HfP (Chairman: Yannik Krüger)
  • RCDS Munich LMU (Chair: Sophia Brusis)
  • RCDS Munich TU (Chairman: Simon Hafner)
  • RCDS Nuremberg (Chairman: Niklas Langer)
  • RCDS Passau (Chairman: Florian Schlennert)
  • RCDS Regensburg (Chairwoman: Stephanie Sedlbauer)
  • RCDS Würzburg (Chairman: Simon Zschau)


1951-1953 Albert Englberger 1984-1985 Mathias Nittel
1953-1954 Winfried Pölnitz-Egloffstein 1985-1986 Bernhard Loos
1954-1956 Albin Niklaus 1986-1988 Wolfgang Wiehle
1956-1957 Fritz Wittmann 1988-1990 Rüdiger Gerst
1957-1958 Gottfried Pöhnlein 1990-1991 Marcus Mosenheuer
1958-1959 Walter Konrad 1991-1992 Bernhard Günther
1960-1961 Max Stöger 1992-1994 Karl Geißler
1961-1964 Alfons Sponsel 1994-1995 Johannes Mierau
1964-1965 Rüdiger Dahme 1995-1996 Christian Fauser
1965-1966 Jürgen Gsänger 1996-1997 Gerhard Tropp
1966-1967 Ursula Männle 1997-1998 Oliver Jörg
1967-1968 Volker Bahl 1998-1999 Volker Ullrich
1968-1969 Richard Heger 1999-2001 Markus Blume
1969 Konrad Eitel 2001-2003 Dorothee Bear
1969-1970 Günther Müchler 2003-2004 Ralf Müller
1970-1971 Karl-Peter Büttner 2004-2007 Kurt Höller
1971-1972 Sven Venzmer 2007-2010 Paul Linsmaier
1972-1973 Martin Hecke 2010-2013 Carmen Langhanke
1973-1975 Thomas Bauer 2013-2016 Marcel Escher
1975-1976 Hubertus von Badewitz 2016-2017 Alexander Eiber
1976-1977 Gerhard Sabathil 2017-2018 Moritz Möller
1977-1979 Heino von Winning 2018-2020 Felix Brandstätter
1979-1980 Joachim Herrmann Since 2020 Anna-Maria Auerhahn
1980-1982 Johann F. Colsman
1982-1984 Andreas Feser

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