Riksväg 11

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Riksväg 11 in Sweden
Verlauf des Riksväg 11
Basic data
Overall length: 91 km


  • Skåne county
Street address
Knoten Bulltofta(Inre Ringvägen)
Anschlussstelle Flansbjer
Knoten Sunnanå E6 E20 E22
Anschlussstelle Sunnanå
Autobahn Ende
Autobahnabzweig Staffanstorp Östra 108
Autobahnabzweig Kyrkheddinge
Kreisverkehr Dalby 16
Autobahnabzweig Dalby Södra
Autobahnabzweig Veberöd 102
Kreisverkehr Sjöbo 13
Kreisverkehr Sjöbo 13
Kreisverkehr Tomelilla 19
Kreuzung Tomelilla
Kreuzung Järrestad 9

Riksväg 11 is a Swedish trunk road, partly developed as a motorway. It runs for 91 km from Malmö to Simrishamn.


Riksväg 11 begins at the Bulltofta interchange, where it crosses Inre Ringvägen, Malmö’s ring road. A few kilometres further on, the Riksväg crosses the E6, E20 and E22 at the Toftanäs interchange. About three kilometres past the intersection, the motorway ends and becomes a 2×1 lane expressway. After leaving the city of Malmö, the road continues through the municipality of Burlöv, where there are many farmlands along the Riksväg. After entering the municipality of Staffanstorps, the road crosses Länsväg 108.

In the municipality of Lund, Riksväg first runs into the small town of Dalby, where Riksväg 16 joins Riksväg at a roundabout. The road now curves around the town to the south. The landscape changes, it becomes more and more hilly. Further east, the open countryside becomes more and more woodland. At Veberöd, the road crosses Länsväg 102, and you now enter the municipality of Sjöbo.

To the east of the town of Sjöbo, Riksväg 11 crosses Riksväg 13, with which it runs together in the south of Sjöbo. You then leave Sjöbo and enter the municipality of Tomelilla. Here the road crosses Svampabanan, a motorcycle road that is very hilly. Immediately after that you come to the roundabout where Riksväg 11 crosses Riksväg 19. Now you come to the municipality of Simrishamn, where Riksväg joins Riksväg 9 and ends.