Rheider Deichacht

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Rheider dyke shaft
Legal form Public corporation
Seat Jemgum
Chair Means Hensmann[1]

The Rheider Deichacht is a dike association based in Jemgum.


The Rheider Deichacht was formed after the passing of the Lower Saxony Dike Act in 1963, which provided for the creation of uniform maintenance associations throughout the country, from the five eights that had existed until then, the Niederreiderländische Deichacht, the Ober-Reider Deichacht, the Weener-Stapelmoorer Deichacht, the Wymeerster Deichacht and the Bunder Deichacht.

Union territory

The dike association is responsible for an area of about 25,000 hectares[2] rheiderland in the district of Leer. This protected area, which includes all land situated within the protection of the main dikes up to a height of NN +5.00 m[3] including the higher ground elevations within this area, extends over the municipalities of Jemgum and Bunde as well as the town of Weener and the parts of the town of Leer lying to the left of the Ems.[4]

The main dike line in the area of responsibility of the Rheider Deichacht is 49.9 kilometres long.[2] It runs along the left bank of the Ems from the district border of the districts of Leer and Emsland south of the Weener district of Diele to the Dollart and there in the east of the Dollart to the state border with the Netherlands. In addition, there is a second dike line in the area of the canal polder at the Dollart.

The Rheider Deichacht association area borders in the south on the association area of the Heede-Aschendorf-Papenburg dyke association.


The dike association has the task of protecting properties in the association area against storm surges and floods. To this end, it maintains the dikes located in the association area.

Association structure

The Association shall be represented by a Committee elected by the members of the Association. The committee in turn elects a board of directors.

Members of the association are all landowners and heritable building owners of the properties located in the association area.

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